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polo, polo in Hong Kong, sport, horse riding, polo ponies
Is this the next big sport in Hong Kong?
  • 3 December 2016

Bringing the sport of kings to the concrete jungle

Hong Kong Ruby Sevens 2016
No Rugby 7's Tickets? No worries, there's plenty of rugby parties happening in Hong Kong this week
  • 1 April 2016

Because sometimes the best parties aren't inside the stadium

rugby union ruck, rugby union international season
The Hong Kong Sevens is over: We celebrate with 12 notable quotes on rugby
  • 28 March 2016

With the international rugby union season upon us we unearthed 12 memorable quotes about the gentleman's game

Things to do in Hong Kong 18th-24th November
  • 18 November 2015

Garden parties, exhibitions, trampoline mayhem and more. Just another week in Hong Kong!