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medical insurance, health insurance
What health insurance cover do you need?
  • 26 October 2016

Make sure you have the right type of insurance cover when you are an expat so you don't get caught out in an emergency

maternity, baby, newborn, maternity hospital
Maternity cover in Hong Kong
  • 18 October 2016

Having a baby is one of the most exciting experiences in life - but it can also be one of the most expensive

Is health insurance really worth the money?
  • 21 September 2016

Health Care Insurance for Expats: It’s not about ‘what if’, but ‘when’.

Financial Planning in Hong Kong
  • 4 August 2016

Saving for emergency funds, children’s schooling, deposits on new homes, and securing an income for retirement are important considerations that should be addressed as early as possible.

Financial planning in Hong Kong
Divorce and Financial planning in Hong Kong: What to do and where to start
  • 24 February 2016

We talk to a finance expert in Hong Kong about the tough subject of divorce and how it can impact your financial future

Insurance Insights: Maternity Cover
  • 15 January 2016

Concentrate on what really matters when giving birth and get piece of mind with Bupa Global

Financial planning for the future: Expat tips for writing a will, probate, and securing your life ahead
  • 14 September 2015

Secure now your family's future with the help of Phoenix Wills

Hong Kong expat salary deterred by no more expat packages in Asia
Are expat packages and expatriate salaries in Hong Kong a thing of the past?
  • 19 July 2015

Times are changing for expat salaries and renumeration in Asia as company finances tighten

New office, business and personal life manager Caroline makes accounting, project management easy
Personal management: Life admin and office manager service with pro entrepreneur Caroline B to sort personal tasks and lifestyle management
  • 9 April 2015

Problem solver Caroline B is more than a concierge service, providing personal management of your life tasks

Manila city guide: Doing business in the capital of the Philippines
  • 16 February 2015

Former Manila resident Oliver on office etiquette, where to eat, must-see areas, visas and more

How to invest in sport as an investment opportunity
  • 29 January 2015

Why your passion for sport could become an investment opportunity

Guide to Shanghai: Things to do and how to do business in this Chinese city
  • 16 December 2014

Heading to Shanghai? Here are expat Lorna's top tips for doing business there

Black Moon Rising: An investment opportunity... in space
  • 30 October 2014

A new business idea – but not as we know it. Justin Harper investigates an out of this world corporation that looks set for lift off

Occupy Central HK, Hong Kong road closures, MTR, transportation, school closure
App updates on Occupy Central HK closures: latest news for MTR, schools and transportation
  • 17 October 2014

Stay updated with GovHK Notifications app on your iPhone 6 or Android

Where to find the latest Expat Living Hong Kong print edition
  • 15 September 2014

Living in Hong Kong? Or moving to Hong Kong? Here's where to find our glossy mag throughout the SAR

Business finance Hong Kong iBond series government bond program investment guide
Invest in Hong Kong iBond today: Finance guide on how to invest in Hong Kong’s retail government bond market
  • 21 July 2014

Despite the threats of Occupy Central movement and recent downgrade of the Hong Kong property market, you think it’s a safe bet to invest in the HKSAR retail investment government bonds

Financial planning FAQs: We chat to Mark Rawson, CEO of The Henley Group
  • 12 July 2013

Hong Kong is a unique place to work and, thanks to its tax breaks, it's also a fantastic place to save for the future. We pose some question of financial planning and responsibility to Mark Rawson