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Kids' vaccination guide

Nobody likes having their needles, but you can make it easier

Online addiction: Dr Zaidi’s tips for when our Internet use is too much

A psychologist guides us legions of web addicts away from anti-social addiction

Birth options and plans in Hong Kong: We ask 10 questions about having a baby at The Matilda Hospital

When the time comes to finally give birth, you want to feel prepared and comfortable in your surroundings

kids furniture, beds, wardrobe, shopping for kids furniture in Hong Kong, children's toys, wallpaper, and decoration, shops in Hong Kong
Children’s fabric and wallpaper collection, Pierre Frey, Altfield Interiors, 2524 4867,
Shopping guide: Where to buy cute and functional kids furniture

Little spaces get functional when we go shopping for kids furniture

Drama classes for kids: Starlit Voice gives children a creative outlet

Got a demi-diva or drama queen on your hands? Here’s how to keep them busy this year

Tips on keeping children fit and healthy in Hong Kong

“Children in Hong Kong are unfit.” Misleading generalisation or fair assertion?

Volunteer fundraising: Expat teen summits Mt Kilimanjaro

Dylan Palladino raised thousands for Cambodian kids by taking on this huge physical challenge

Kids' party planning: Stylish and unique children's parties

We chat with the co-founders of Poppy's Trunk about making life a party

Summer on the high seas with Gusella
Shopping for boys' clothing in Hong Kong: Stylish summer fashion

Boys can be tricky to dress sometimes, so for summer boys’ fashion, we’ve done your research

search, Hong Kong school, school placement, success, student, agent, kid, children, waiting list,
Ruth Benny of Top Schools HK
School search success: Student placement, sorted!

Placement agent and school guru Ruth Benny of 100% success rate Top Schools HK

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babysitting, babysitters, how-to guide
Tweens and Teens
Babysitting advice for kids, by kids

A group of students has created a guide on how to be a good babysitter

Prepare for takeoff!
Family travel made easy: British Airways crew shares top tips

Seven tips for parents travelling with children this summer during the holidays

The Kim family's take on Woodland Preschool Happy Valley
Schools in HK: These parents give their insights into the top three

These parents share their first-hand knowledge of three popular HK schools

How to choose an obstetrician

Here's a list of questions you might like to ask obstetricians before choosing the right one for you

App-tastic! StoryBox launches its third app

The new app features content from the popular children's mag, plus audio and interactive features

Healthy lunch box ideas for kids

Sorting your little angel’s lunch box? Read on for these tips

Two-year-old Ozeio has never had a tantrum - we want to know more!
Mums and Babies
Attachment parenting: So what exactly is it then?

Find out more about Dr Sears’ theory of attachment parenting from mum Kristi Ligaya

Remember back in the day when playschool was just playschool
Tots and Toddlers
Preschool learning approaches explained

From Montessori to Reggio Emilia, find out more about the different preschool methods in Hong Kong

We'd like our baby to look happy please
Tots and Toddlers
Tips on photographing babies and children

Take the best pictures of little ones with our expert advice

Let the pre-baby celebrations begin
Mums and Babies
Planning a baby shower in Hong Kong

How to organise the best pre-baby celebration for your friend

Swimming safely: Mum's lifeguard alert

A recent death at an expat complex in HK has made many take notice of the importance of pool safety

Parenting: Why have we decided that only men can have it all?

Mother of three Orla Breeze shares her views on parenting in our Rated PG column

A treasure trove of design ideas awaits!
Decorating Ideas
Children's bedrooms: 32 gorgeous schemes from readers' homes

From nurseries to teenage dens, we've rounded up some of our favourite images from our showcases

How to get your little tinkers into a sleeping schedule
Mums and Babies
Get more sleep with training from 'baby whisperer' Tizzie Hall

Mother of twins Terri-Anne used Tizzie Hall’s book to create a sleeping schedule and calming routine

Kids' Mandarin classes: New Concept Mandarin's programme

We think your little one will love the arts and crafts in these Mandarin classes

Maternity fashion: How to dress during pregnancy

We chat with Melanie McInally from Sono Vaso

Take the stress out of jabs
Tots and Toddlers
Kids' vaccinations: The ins and outs of travel jabs

Advice from doctors on the travel jabs and injection schedules for children in Hong Kong