Homes - Expat Living Hong Kong
'I don't mind moving, but I never realised this would be my life'

A veteran expat, Saskia Bowers knows the secrets to making a house a home

Warming winter home decor ideas

When the cold weather hits Hong Kong, it can get rather chilly

Repatriation from Hong Kong: Your guide to relocation and the move back home

Relocating doesn't have to be stressful. Check out our top tips for a smooth move

Silk flowers are a brilliant alternative
Decorating Ideas
Interior tips from Hong Kong's favourite interiors store: 3 ways to bring the outdoors into your living space

Tiny outside space? No problem. We ask two members of the Bowerbird team for simple decorating trick...

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See how interior designer Sarah Bettle transformed this Sai Kung townhome
Decorating Ideas
This Sai Kung town home redesign oozes eclectic cool

See how expert designer Sarah Bettle transforms this renovated four-storey town house

Seasonal style: Decorating tips for your home

Tips for decking the halls of your home for the holiday season and the big trends for 2017

Caution: this will make you want to redecorate immediately!
Decorating Ideas
Top 20 homes blogs: Get lost in photos of gorgeous interiors

These insanely pretty blogs will keep you distracted for hours

Find your perfect carpet at Iqbal Carpets

With winter coming up it's time to find that perfect carpet to keep you cosy

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Retractable walls make small spaces large
Readers' Homes
Pokfulam pad: Creative interior design tips for smaller spaces

EL reader Cherie Wong shows us how to design for small space with clever, efficient storage ideas

interior design, readers' homes, interiors
All the pieces in Alexis's home have meaning
Scandi style in a Sheung Wan flat

A designers small but eclectically furnished flat is an interiors treasure trove.

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Readers' Homes
'I like to call it my American home in Hong Kong'

There's more than a hint of the Hamptons in this stylish Sai Kung home

Living in Hong Kong: Tour this relaxed family home in Shek O village

This pad's chic yet relaxed decor makes it a beachside retreat with a difference

Ikea, interior design, insomnia, fabric, shopping HK, furniture, bed, cabinet, wardrobe, fan, chest, tequila kola
Highland bed, from $11,980, Tequila Kola, 2877 3295,
Cure insomnia with our picks in shopping for bedroom furniture

Shopping for the right furniture to make your bedroom blissful

Real estate in Hong Kong: Hot property listings and market update

Dive into our Hong Kong homes market update with Hong Kong Sotheby’s Letizia Casalino

Finding the right furniture piece is all it takes to make the right statement

Suzanne Harrison shows us interior design tips on how to give your home that “wow” factor

Where to live in Hong Kong and where to shop for outdoor furniture in Hong Kong
Barbara Barry collection for McGuire, Altfield Interiors, 2524 4867,
Our picks for your patio or balcony furnishings will wow you

Where to find outdoor furniture and accessories for outdoor living spaces

Decorating ideas: Furniture for kids in Hong Kong

Why should your children have all the fun? Have a blast jazzing up their rooms with our picks

Burmese kneeling monk, 19th century, gilt and lacquer on wood, HK$2,980, Altfield Gallery, 2537 6370,
Shopping for antique cabinets, chandeliers, carpets and more

EL goes antique shopping in Hong Kong for a taste of old world furniture

Design and health: How feng shui is important in home décor and layout

Suzhong Consulting shows us how to factor in feng shui for our own well-being

kids furniture, beds, wardrobe, shopping for kids furniture in Hong Kong, children's toys, wallpaper, and decoration, shops in Hong Kong
Children’s fabric and wallpaper collection, Pierre Frey, Altfield Interiors, 2524 4867,
Shopping guide: Where to buy cute and functional kids furniture

Little spaces get functional when we go shopping for kids furniture

Living in Hong Kong: Tour this cosy home in Sai Kung

The Hong Kong expat reveals how she made the most of a typically diminutive living space in Sai Kung

South Bay: Style Secrets of a Serene Apartment

An interior designer shares tips on how to make your rented apartment feel like a proper home

Showcase: Your invitation to step inside this Clearwater Bay home

We step inside John and Ali Spinks' stunning Clearwater Bay home as they say goodbye to HK

Feels like a holiday everyday
Street Talk: An insider’s guide to life in Discovery Bay

We profile DB resident Louise Thoreau to get the skinny on Lantau’s resort community

Decorating your home with red in feng shui and interior design

Suzhong Consulting’s Founder Susanne schools us on the significance of red in modern day feng shui

Gardening in Hong Kong: How to deal with pests in your garden

Recognise and remove unwanted pests in your garden before they become a major task

John wants people to feel relaxed in his living room, and believes that furniture is to be used, not just be a showpiece
Canadian expat John McLennan shows us his Pok Fu Lam apartment

The art lover and interior designer welcomes you to his stylish home

Hong Kong homes: Mid-levels neighbourhood living

Reader Maria Khan shows off her interior design, handmade jewellery, and furniture in her home

Permission to nose around your home?
Readers' Homes
Fancy having your home featured in EL magazine?

We're on the hunt for the best homes in HK, whether they're beautiful, quirky, historic or modern

Showcase: Peek inside this Mediterranean-style home

Step inside Sophie Tuckwell’s tranquil Southside family home

Showcase: Nose around this renovated Pokfulam pied de terre

Pictures are a key feature of this family’s two-bedroom Hong Kong home

From basic to barista: The latest coffee machines for your home

A roundup of the brilliant coffee machines on the market (that look pretty in your kitchen)

Reader’s Home: Decor of a fashion stylist’s Sai Kung Home

We get away from the City to tour this designer, family-friendly Sai Kung home

A sea view to make other sea views feel bad
Readers' Homes
Actress Tracy Griffith's California-chic home in Southside

A 180-degree deck overlooking Deep Water Bay - we're in love!

Step inside this designer SoHo CentreStage apartment

We snoop around Tim Leard and Russell Lath's Hollywood Road apartment

Showcase: Look inside expat Kate’s house at The Peak

Interior design-trained EL reader Kate Wilson shows us her drool-worthy Hong Kong home at The Peak

Furniture, rental, furniture lease, bed, chair, table, Hong Kong homes, design
Catch some zzzzz's in this Shinto Bedroom by Tequila Kola
What’s new in eye-catching designs in furniture this fall

Furniture inspiration: Rentals, sales, and finding the right antique, mattress, and carpets

Be seated!
Dining rooms: Our pick of the best furniture and accessories

Create the perfect space for entertaining with stylish dining room furniture and accessories

Kitchen inspiration: 12 of the best accessories
Kitchen inspiration: 12 of the best kitchen accessories

Update your kitchen this summer with a palette of black, grey and metallic

Decorating ideas: How to create your dream living room in Hong Kong

In need of some home decorating ideas? Read on for some design inspiration

Create a bathroom sanctuary: We've scoured Hong Kong to bring you 10 of the best bathroom accessories

Create the wow factor in your bathroom with these colour pops of brights and bolds

Now get cracking!
Work smarter: Our favourite products for your home office

Motivate yourself to work by creating a perfect home office environment