Body and Style - Expat Living Hong Kong
How clothes shopping in Hong Kong led one woman to start her own fashion label

When fashion designer Raashi arrived in Hong Kong she saw a gap in the market for occasion dressing

kids clothing, mothers
Petit Bateau prides itself on creating high quality, timeless fashion
Designer French clothing for kids and mums

Petit Bateau's new store is stocking the much-loved label's Women's line

Staying healthy in winter in Hong Kong

Neglecting your health and wellbeing in the cooler months can have surprising effects

Have you hormones changed since moving to Hong Kong?
Health and Medical
What is Hormone Imbalance and who can we talk to about it in Hong Kong?

Hormone imbalance can cause a wide variety of health issues in women of all ages, we talk to a local...

winter fashion, winter clothes, long cardigans
COCO Mandarin long cardigan, $HK6,735, NUAN
Hot looks for cool weather

Don't get caught out when the cold hits

Grab your SUP board, its time for an adventure
Sport and Fitness
5 fun alternatives to the gym in Hong Kong

Think paddle boarding, boxing and even pole dancing

Ways for men to beat stress in Hong Kong

Stress is the number one driver of men's health issues in Hong Kong, an expert says

Sephora Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water
Hair and Beauty
Shopping for beauty items in HK: Five self-tanning products

In need of that bronzy glow without intervention from the sun? Try these DIY goodies

Christmas gifts, Christmas gift guide, Christmas gifts for kids, Christmas shopping in Hong Kong
Customised bathrobe, Gifts Less Ordinary,,
Body and Style
Gift ideas for the whole family

In need of some inspo? Don't panic – we have got you covered

The Yoga Studio
Health and Medical
Review: Odinson Boutique Fitness Studio, Sheung Wan

We head down to this brand new gym to check out what it had to offer – and it was pretty impressive!

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beauty treatments, teeth whitening
Body and Style
Tried and tested: 3 unique Hong Kong beauty treatments

Our reviewer put three very different and not-so-mainstream beauty treatments to the test

The best hair salons in Hong Kong that use natural or organic products

We recently road-tested two local salons that deliver the results you’re after, while using only nat...

5 ways to keep your jewellery game on point

Planning to pick up something sparkly this Christmas? Check out the latest trends first

Public or Private?
Health and Medical
Healthcare in Hong Kong: Everything you need to know

When you first move to HK the healthcare system can seem daunting and hard to understand. We've put ...

Fashion: 16 online shopping websites and blogs to follow

Emily McCabe on her personal favourites when it comes to lifestyle and fashion sites

Help with Relationships and Conflicts

Are you going through a rough patch? These tips could help you solve the conflict easier than you th...

A global health insurance plan could help safeguard your family’s wellbeing
Health and Medical
Private Healthcare Insurance for Living in Hong Kong

If your employer doesn’t provide insurance, it’s probably one of the first things you’ll want to sor...

Women's Health: Vitamins and Supplements to support pregnancy and beyond

We talk to a nutritionist and a clinic about prenatal and antenatal health in Hong Kong

Personal training review: Raw in Central, Hong Kong

Want some intense personal training to stay fit? Check out our review of Real Athletic Workouts

Hair help needed....
Hair and Beauty
Hair tips from experts: Colouring and fighting the frizz

Hair in Hong Kong takes on a whole new level of stress. Tame your mane with these tips

Workouts for pregnancy and beyond

We look at three different treatments in Hong Kong that have been specially designed with mums in mi...

Perfect that swing for minimal problems
Sport and Fitness
How to avoid the most common golf injuries

It’s not physically taxing, but golf can cause its share of injuries

We might run a tad faster if we were chasing this chap
Sport and Fitness
Running tips on technique and saving energy

Verne Maree gives tips on the most economical way to run - from stride to hands and arms

where to shop in HK
Norbyah Nolasco shows us how it's done
How to Nail the Vintage Fashion Look

Shopping for vintage clothes is not the first thing that people associate with Hong Kong but it’s st...

Health in Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese medicine

Looking for alternative forms of medicinal therapy? Here's more on traditional Chinese medicine

We're pretty sure we've seen Miley Cyrus in this outfit
Health and Medical
Obesity: The growing problem that continues to be a sizeable worry

Obesity is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide - what can we do about it?

Keep the pacing up, guys!
Sport and Fitness
Running tips: Four common marathon mistakes to avoid

Former tri-athlete Ben Pulham tell us how to avoid self-sabotage, plus eight do's and don't's

romantic menswear, fashion, what to wear for Valentine's Day, what to wear Chinese New Year, Hong Kong
Every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man
Style guide for men: Six handsome looks for gentlemen

Every girl’s crazy for a sharp-dressed man. So dress like one

Can abdominal massage get rid of tummy fat?
Health and Medical
The truth about tummy fat – and how to get rid of it

And there are no sit-ups involved!

Private Spa Suite for Two
Health and Medical
Massage review: The Peninsula Spa Hong Kong

Blogger Rachel Read of Through The Looking Glass checks out the spa's new range of treatments

Online addiction: Dr Zaidi’s tips for when our Internet use is too much

A psychologist guides us legions of web addicts away from anti-social addiction

Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment by GlamGlow
Hair and Beauty
Shopping for face products: EL tests four skin-saving formulas

In need of a quick pick-me-up for your face? The EL team tries out masks for different skin types

Skincare: Moisturizing creams and hydration formulas to keep skin glowing

Hey beautiful! Save yourself from dry skin with these hydration creams and moisture formulas

Hong Kong tailors
An eye for detail
Men's Tailors in Hong Kong

All you need to know about buying and getting a suit made at a tailor in Hong Kong

Beauty tips: Step-by-step makeup tutorial on contouring

Pro makeup artist Kelly Bilimoria gives us her beauty 101 on defining your face

Testosterone: The most potent of fat-burning hormones

Health and fitness expert Alexa Towersey talks hormones in the last in a series of articles

Suit up! Our picks for men's tailors in HK for bespoke clothing

You can't go wrong with our picks for tailor made suits and clothes for men

Design and make your own wedding ring

Looking for inspiration when it comes to wedding jewellery?

Public or Private?
Health and Medical
Healthcare in Hong Kong: Everything you need to know

When you first move to HK the healthcare system can seem daunting and hard to understand. We've put ...

Causes, detection and treatment of colon cancer

Worried about the health of your colon? Read on to find out how to avoid colon cancer

Gym: 1 hour of trampolining burns 1000 calories per sweat sesh?

Seriously, if your weight has been up and down lately, try trampolining