Expat Living Hong Kong
Halloween: What's on in Hong Kong

Whether you are big or small there are plenty of fun Halloween events to choose from

Fast and Fresh – Hong Kong's newest premium online grocer

A premium, fuss-free home shopping experience offering reasonably-priced, fresh produce is just a click away

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What's on this weekend

There's heaps happening this weekend – and not just for Halloween!

property, real estate, home showcase, interiors
The colour scheme has been built around a peaceful palette of greens for a relaxing feel
South Bay: Style Secrets of a Serene Apartment

An interior designer shares tips on how to make your rented apartment feel like a proper home

What health insurance cover do you need?

Make sure you have the right type of insurance cover when you are an expat so you don't get caught out in an emergency

What's Inside: Outdoor living ideas, inspiring home showcases, new restaurant reviews and exploring America's Pacific Coast.

Japan: 5 places to see in Autumn

October to December are the best months for being outdoors in Japan

The reinvention of the trailing spouse

The trend away from “trailing spouse” to “accompanying talent” is explored in the first article of our new series.

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We can picture ourselves right there!
Best Hotels for Families and Staycations in Macau

We send our writers to check out some of the best hotels in Macau and report back to Hong Kong

beauty treatments, teeth whitening
Body and Style
Tried and tested: 3 unique Hong Kong beauty treatments

Our reviewer put three very different and not-so-mainstream beauty treatments to the test

Restaurant Review: The Optimist

This three-floor Spanish restaurant is a culinary – and visual – feast

Hair help needed....
Hair and Beauty
Hair tips from experts: Colouring and fighting the frizz

Hair in Hong Kong takes on a whole new level of stree. Tame your mane with these tips

Is an extra pair of hands needed?
Living in Hong Kong
Help Finding a Maternity Nurse and Nanny in Hong Kong

Moving to HK can be overwhelming, especially with kids, so we speak to Rent-A-Mum to get the lowdown...

Maternity Wear and Baby Essentials

You no longer have to sacrifice style with these maternity outfits and essential baby gear

Homemade trick-or-treat snacks for Halloween

We show you the tricks to make your Halloween party treats

5 Asian destinations you have to visit when living in Hong Kong

There’s a big world out there and lucky for us living in HK we are closer to it than many

Author Peter Wood on growing up in Zimbabwe

Peter Wood's memoir reveals a fascinating history that led this boy from the African bush to Hong Ko...

Is health insurance really worth the money?

Health Care Insurance for Expats: It’s not about ‘what if’, but ‘when’.

How many times do you tell your kid to "stand up straight"?
Body and Style
Scoliosis in Kids: What are the signs and how can you treat it?

How many times a day do you tell your kids to “stand up straight”? We’ve all heard of scoliosis and how important it is to avoid it, but how much do w...

Ophelia Ashley Sutton's first bar in Hong Kong
Ophelia Ashley Sutton's first bar in Hong Kong
Wine and Dine
Is Ophelia Hong Kong's Best New Bar?

Well, there’s only one way to find out! We head down to the secretive location to give it our once over

Astrological predictions for October 2016
What's in store this month?
Horoscopes - October 2016

Happy birthday to the Libras and Scorpios celebrating this month! Find out what the stars have in st...

Parenting: Why have we decided that only men can have it all?

Mother of three Orla Breeze shares her views on parenting in our Rated PG column

Jason Atherton
Wine and Dine
Chef Chat: Jason Atherton of Aberdeen Street Social

We caught up with Jason on his latest visit to HK to chat about expat life and his future plans

Views out to the mountains
Living in Hong Kong
Street Talk: An insider’s guide to life in their ‘hood

We talk to some local residents about the neighbourhood they call home in Hong Kong. This month: Hap...

What's on in Hong Kong in October

Hong Kong is playing host to top tennis stars and some of the world's funniest comedians this month....

Maternity cover in Hong Kong

Having a baby is one of the most exciting experiences in life - but it can also be one of the most e...

Things to Do in Mauritius
Blue Safari Submarine
Awesome Things You Have to Do in Mauritius

Whether you’re a beach bum, an adventure seeker or travelling with the kids, Mauritius has something...

The ultimate dream; a safari in South Africa
The Great Escape: 6 of the most beautiful destinations in the world

While Hong Kong is no doubt one of the most exciting places to live in the world, sometimes you’ll j...

food stores
All the food you need without the hassle
Wine and Dine
Online supermarkets, grocers, and food stores in Hong Kong

Fill your digital basket and avoid the crowds with these Hong Kong based websites

Workouts for pregnancy and beyond

We look at three different treatments in Hong Kong that have been specially designed with mums in mi...

Amelie and her gorgeous bump
Body and Style
Find out more about the new healthcare concierge service and healthcare-focused events in HK

And attend AD Medilink Maternity Conference next month

Grab your SUP board, its time for an adventure
Sport and Fitness
5 fun alternatives to the gym in Hong Kong

Think paddle boarding, boxing and even pole dancing

Moving Here
Meeting & Greeting: Etiquette for expats

One kiss, two kisses, hand shake or hug? How are you supposed to greet people now you live in Hong K...

Your spine deserves some pampering
Living in Hong Kong
Finding your perfect mattress and how important it is for your sleep

Sweet dreams start with what you are lying on

Burrata Caprese Salad Anyone?
Wine and Dine
Italian Food and Wine Pairing

The diversity of regional flavours makes Italy one of the world’s greatest food and wine destination...

The man himself
Wine and Dine
Chef Interview; Antonio Cacciapaglia from La Locanda

Ever wondered what world-class chefs cook at home? We spoke to Antonio Cacciapaglia from Italian res...

Which club will you be joining?
Sport Clubs to Join in Hong Kong

Are you looking to get active and make some new friends? Sports club are the perfect answer. Here's ...

Public or Private?
Health and Medical
Healthcare in Hong Kong: Everything you need to know

When you first move to HK the healthcare system can seem daunting and hard to understand. We've put together all the information you need to understan...

Do you need a new bespoke suit?
Where to buy mens suits in Hong Kong

With so many tailors around the city, which one do you go for?

Tips, tricks and interior design courses for making a home away from home

Unlock your inner interior designer and book one of these useful courses

Have you hormones changed since moving to Hong Kong?
Health and Medical
What is Hormone Imbalance and who can we talk to about it in Hong Kong?

Hormone imbalance can cause a wide variety of health issues in women of all ages, we talk to a local...

The best hair salons in Hong Kong that use natural or organic products

We recently road-tested two local salons that deliver the results you’re after, while using only nat...

Ozone bar - Impress your friends
Wine and Dine
Hong Kong's Best Bars

We love the nightlife here in Hong Kong, but with so many bars to choose from, it’s hard to know whe...

Or, just relax on the white sand..
Living in Hong Kong
Shopping and things to do in Repulse Bay

There are so many places to shop and things to do in Repulse Bay now that you can make a full day of it - credit cards at the ready

Store your clothes in a cool, dry environment
Hair and Beauty
The Wardrobe Gods have landed: Save space in your home and store your clothes in this new Hong Kong "clothes spa"

Your clothes on demand when you need them, packed safe when you don't

Fantasy Castle is an open arena dedicated to kid's fun
Is this the most kid-friendly hotel in Asia?

On our recent trip to Yilan in Taiwan we came across this a hotel that we think the kids will love e...

Le Pain Quotidien
Wine and Dine
Restaurant Review: Le Pain Quotidien, Lee Tung Avenue

Think fresh pain au chocolat, healthy salads and cool rustic décor

A global health insurance plan could help safeguard your family’s wellbeing
Health and Medical
Private Healthcare Insurance for Living in Hong Kong

If your employer doesn’t provide insurance, it’s probably one of the first things you’ll want to sor...

Have you thought about your plans?
Financial Planning in Hong Kong

Saving for emergency funds, children’s schooling, deposits on new homes, and securing an income for ...

We could think of worst views to wake up to
Moving Here
Luxurious Urban Living: 6 reasons to choose Gateway Apartments

We think you will all love his property in the heart of the prime shopping and entertainment centre ...

Tips to help with Relationships and Conflicts

Are you going through a rough patch? These tips could help you solve the conflict easier than you th...

Would you look at that view..
Wine and Dine
Restaurant Review: Aqua in TST

With views to die for and food to match, we think we've found one of our favourite places in Kowloon